Luke Crain is a major character in The Haunting of Hill House.



Luke was born to Hugh and Olivia Crain on February 21, 1986. He is their second youngest child, being born after Shirley, Steven, Theodora but 90 seconds before his twin, Eleanor.

In the summer of 1992, when Luke was six years, he and his family had moved to the Hill House.




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Hugh CrainEdit

Eleanor CrainEdit

Even though Luke was born 90 seconds before Nell, he always saw her as his elder sister and respected her deeply.[2]

Steven CrainEdit

Steven is Luke's elder and only brother in his life, as children the two seem to have a good relationship. He was always there for this younger brother in his tree house.

As they grow older, Steven seems to be very distant from his younger and addict recovering addict brother. He seems that he wants his brother to get better but he seems to be very judgmental when it comes to his brother getting better. He believes that his brother will fall back into his addict way other than getting better.

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"Big Boys know the difference between what's real and imaginary." ― Luke reminds Hugh Crain



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