Arthur Vance is a character in The Haunting of Hill House. He was the husband of Eleanor Crain.



Arthur has dark skin and short hair cut close to his head.



A sleep technologist, Eleanor was one of Arthur's patients. He asked her out for coffee and they began to date. He proposed to her at a New Year's Eve party and they were married in 2016. He is later offered a position at UCLA and the two move to Los Angeles.

Eight months later, Eleanor experiences an episode of sleep paralysis in which she sees the Bent-Neck Lady. Arthur gets up to turn on a lamp and suffers an aneurysm, dying.

He later appears to Eleanor when she returns to Hill House. They dance together before he disappears.

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Eleanor Edit

Arthur takes Eleanor on as a patient, but they eventually fall in love and get married. A sleep technologist, he is aware of her struggle with sleep paralysis and helps her through her episodes. The two are shown to be very loving and supportive of each other; he helps her with her sleep paralysis, and she is willing to move across the country to support his career. Eleanor becomes distraught after his death and spirals into a deep depression that eventually culminates in her death.

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